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Your Journey to Thriving Professionally, Creatively, and Financially Begins Here

Education should extend far beyond basic product knowledge, tips, and techniques. Eufora is committed to guiding stylists and salon owners towards success, as artists and as business people.

Eufora University is one of our many education channels featuring a robust curriculum focusing on professional advancement that is most important to the Whole of You. 

We are here for you as a coach and mentor to nurture your career vision and propel you upwards to artistic and financial success.

We are excited to offer all Data Driven Attendees 3 complimentary courses ranging from The Break Even Financial Analysis, Uncovering Industry Insights, and Tangible Marketing Strategies to get you started on your journey to building an exceptional business.

To learn more about all of Eufora's Technical, Color, and Business Education Opportunities... please contact us here.

Your Instructors

Eufora National Business Trainer

Angie Lund

Angie began her journey as a Personal Development Specialist in 2000 running her own coaching and wellness company. In 2009 she opened her Salon and Spa discovering Eufora and quickly becoming passionate about the company’s commitment to education. In 2013 she became a Eufora Salon Owner Network Facilitator and was then selected to join the Eufora Business Team in 2016. Her skills as a leader won her numerous accolades in coaching, an ESON Facilitator of the Year award, and lead her team to win multiple Top 200 Salon mentions in both 2017 and 2018. She successfully sold her salon in 2018 and now travels and teaches as a Eufora National Trainer, sharing her passion for Eufora systems, tools and mentorship.

North American Director of Sales

John Cutrone

John has been acknowledged for his success as a salon coach, top sales performer, and well respected brand builder with a focus on profitability. As Eufora’s North American Sales Director, John assists in driving the various emerging markets through his leadership and passion to carry on the legacy created by Co-Founders Don & Beth Bewley.

Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author

Kati Whitledge

Kati Whitledge is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and author. Kati started three beauty industry businesses, wrote her first eBook, and has presented nationwide all before the age of thirty-five. For those of you who know, Kati is a high-energy character! Her presentations are full of excitement and motivation, yet Kati is undeniably relatable. She is real, transparent, and willing to expose all facets of her life if it means inspiring you to become a better version of yourself. Opened Be Inspired Salon, Inc. in 2010. Created Meet Your StylistTM in 2016. Created Beyond the TechniqueTM in 2016.