Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

They Don't Lie!

Whether you run away from them and hope for the best or love getting into spreadsheets to analyze the health of your company... understanding your BreakEven point is essential. 

As one of the most frequently requested topics... Angie Lund's Breakeven Analysis will be a fundamental step on your journey to create and scale a sustainable and financially healthy salon. 

Packed with Information

Expect to learn the following from this course:

  • The 3 Step Formula

    Discover the 3 step formula to determining your Breakeven point in a templated approach that can be applied to any business.

  • Pathway for Potential

    Learn how to accurately and intelligently strategize your way to profit by calculating your salon's potential.

  • The 5 Pricing Methods

    Breakdown the 5 pricing methods and how to use your breakeven analysis to intelligently inform your pricing structure.

Your Instructor

Eufora National Business Trainer

Angie Lund

Angie began her journey as a Personal Development Specialist in 2000 running her own coaching and wellness company. In 2009 she opened her Salon and Spa discovering Eufora and quickly becoming passionate about the company’s commitment to education. In 2013 she became a Eufora Salon Owner Network Facilitator and was then selected to join the Eufora Business Team in 2016. Her skills as a leader won her numerous accolades in coaching, an ESON Facilitator of the Year award, and lead her team to win multiple Top 200 Salon mentions in both 2017 and 2018. She successfully sold her salon in 2018 and now travels and teaches as a Eufora National Trainer, sharing her passion for Eufora systems, tools and mentorship.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Analysis

    • Breakeven Analysis

    • Raising Your Prices