Learn the Art of Transparency

An Interactive Exercise Lesson

Join Janine in exploring the 4 Steps to practicing transparent leadership. Craft your vision and learn how to communicate it and hold yourself and your team accountable.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Vision

    • Transparency

    • Creating Your Vision

    • Write Out Your Full Vision

  • 2

    Own It

    • Own It

    • Own it: Exercise

  • 3

    Realize It

    • Realize It

    • Realize it: Excercise

  • 4

    Re Create it

    • Re Create It

    • Your Commitment

    • Re Create - Example

  • 5

    Date it and Close it

    • Date It and Close

    • Re Create Excercise

Bring Your Vision To Life!

Your Action Plan

Every salon owner starts their business with a vision. A vision of how their business would grow, what their team looks like, and how their life could be as a successful salon owner. 

However... along the way... visions change. You may have a strong vision for your business - but does your team know, understand, support, and hold each other accountable to that vision?

Enroll in this course with Janine for an interactive journey in define your new vision and an action plan for bringing it to life!