Experience the Difference

Discover the unlimited formulation possibilities of EuforaColor during this virtual workshop! 

Have you ever wondered what makes up the background for the natural series? How saturated is the coverage? Are the reds true…or do they have a pink undertone? 

Uncover the answers with EuforaColor Development Manager, Joanne Rempel, and Executive VP of Sales, Fred Phillips. Bring your creative eye for color and join us for a EuforaColor Discovery learning experience!

Your Color Journey Starts Here

Everything you need to get started with EuforaColor

  • Kickstart Your Color Education

    Join Joanne Rempel and Fred Phillips to understand the ins and outs of EuforaColor, our innovative technology, and how to use 1 line to achieve any color you can imagine.

  • The 4 Points of Difference

    Explore how EuforaColor uses hybrid and micromolecular technology with a cool base to achieve superior results and maximize creativity with less inventory.

  • Formulation

    Understand the art of formulating with EuforaColor with Low Ammonia, No Ammonia, Hybrid, Grey Coverage, and Artisan examples

Course curriculum

  • 1

    EuforaColor: The Difference

    • EuforaColor Introduction

    • The 4 Points of Difference

    • Low and No Ammonia Color

    • EuforaColor Lighteners

    • Artisan Direct Dye

    • EuforaColor Advanced Education

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Use this course to explore EuforaColor, onboard new team members, or reset and refresh your color education