Your Road Map to Profit

Whether you're new to salon ownership or looking for organized methods of managing your finances... Regulate Your Revenue will provide you with the lessons, tools, and learnings to guide you on your journey. Join The Dean of PIP University, Heather Yurko, to dive into a lesson all about understanding, controlling, and allocating your salon's revenue to produce healthy profitability.

  • Regulate

    Learn how much of your revenue to allocate towards taxes, operating expenses, and when you can begin dispersing profit.

  • Tangible Tools

    Explore interactive worksheet templates and resources to provide a foundation for your journey.

  • Goal Setting

    Learn how to set accurate and necessary financial goals to create a healthy, strong financial foundation.

Heather Yurko

Founder of Neat Beat Salon and Dean of PIP University

Heather is extremely passionate about being her best self and affecting her guests and teammates’ lives through PIP. She plans on PIPn millions, bringing in millions (yes, in dollars) and being a servant to all parties in the process. Heather says that she knows her dreams for life may seem crazy and out of reach to some, but she knows with strong faith and vision she can achieve anything, and so can you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Regulate Your Revenue

    • Introduction with Heather

    • Course Resource Downloads

    • How to Become a Profitable Salon

    • The 2 Percentages That Determine Your Profit

    • Your Company Expenses

Join Heather in Exploring What It Takes to Be a Profitable Salon and How to Get There