Re-Live and Re-Experience

Webinars and Guest Speaker Segments

The Eufora Salon Owner Network is a peer-to-peer networking group for like-minded and growth oriented salon owners. Quarterly webinars engage members to dedicate themselves to working together to make better decisions, achieve better results and become better leaders for their salons and our industry.

Eufora Salon Owner Network Benefits

Experience and Engage in all of our exclusive and complimentary trainings for our Eufora Partner Salon Community

  • Quarterly Webinars with Specialty Guest Speakers

  • Personal Eufora Updates from Our Leadership Team

  • The Eufora Salon Owner Network Facebook Group for Community Support

  • Live Q&A Replays with Guest Speakers

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Quarter 1: Hiring and Developing a Loyal Team

    • Welcome Address from Beth Bewley

    • Building a Loyal Team with Debra Penzone

    • Accelerator Call Announcement!

    • Eufora in 2021 and What's Coming

    • Eufora Connection

    • The Ideal Team Player Part 1 with Fred Phillips

    • The Ideal Team Player Part 2

    • The Ideal Team Player Part 3

    • Closing Address and Important Updates

    • John Intro q2 2021 ESON

    • Thank Stef - to John

    • Stefanie Presentation TRIMMED



    • THANK JOHN - JILL, PhorestEDUand PHORESt

    • Thank John intro Jill (RECOLOR)

    • Thank John intro Jill TINT

    • Th JIll, CH, KAT INTRO

    • EOSN KAT CHildhelp TINT

    • John C. Q2 2021 Eson

    • Beth intro tinted


    • Jill Eson Q2 2021

    • ESON Speaker 3 Kat

  • 2

    Quarter 2: Leadership Mindshift

    • Webinar Recording

    • Accelerator Meeting

  • 3

    Quarter 3: Measuring and Coaching Your Team for Hyper Growth

    • The #EuforaNation Address

    • Your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with John Harms of Millenium Software


    • The Formula for Productivity and Eufora Benchmarks with Barry Quinn and Stefanie Jackson

    • Education Updates and Closing Address

  • 4

    Quarter 4: Marketing for Hypergrowth

    • Opening and Welcome with Beth

    • Traditional vs. Digital Marketing Overview

    • Master Your Marketing with John Hallberg

    • Introduction: Jill Higginbotham


    • Maximize Your Holiday Season with John Cutrone

    • Jill Higginbotham

    • Final Thoughts and Announcements with Beth

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