Growing Pains or a Need for Leadership Change?

Salons often start with a tight knit team that naturally lives the vision and mission of the salon. As your team grows - so do your challenges... 

Erin Raber and Jeni Chandlers realized that as their team grew - so did the disconnection and resistance against new systems, programs, and ideas. At the time, they attributed these challenges to "growing pains" and a new reality of business. 

Once the Pin Up Curls team developed and implemented their "Family" leadership structure, they realized that they were in control of their reality - not the other way around.

In this course, Erin and Jeni outline their journey and how this new tiered system increases:

  1. Trust
  2. Connection
  3. Productivity
  4. Sales

Join the Pin Up Curls team and start creating a new vision and structure for your team.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1: Vision Casting

    • Introduction

    • Leader Vision

    • Finding Your First Follower

  • 2

    2: The "Family" Structure

    • Structure Overview

    • Team Lead Responsibilities

    • Choosing the Right Leaders

    • Leader Testimony: Sam

    • Leader Testimony: Seannie

    • Leader Testimony: Aby

    • Leader Testimony: Shenna

  • 3

    3: Showing What's Possible

    • The After

Create Leaders in Your Salon

Leading Through "Families"

The "Family" system Erin and Jeni have developed has enabled them to build trust, connection, retention, as well as better sales results for their business. Learn their structure and how you can begin creating a new vision for you and your team.