Course curriculum

  • 1

    3 Steps to Maximizing the Cash Back to You Program

    • Message from the Instructor

  • 2


    • E-Commerce Growth, Trends, and Affiliate Program Overview

    • Screenshare Affiliate Program Walkthrough

    • Maximizing Your Results

    • Resources and Downloads

  • 3


    • Step 2: Crafting Your Messaging

  • 4


    • Step 3: Deploying Your Channels


    • Final Survey


Content Marketing and Sales Development Manager

Sam Bewley

As the son of Eufora International founders, Don and Beth Bewley, Sam was raised in the professional beauty industry. This experience has provided him with a unique perspective and clarity to the challenges, setbacks, and needs of our industry. Sam’s passion for the industry runs deep and it shows through his purposely defiant content and delivery. He is determined to empower salon professionals to thrive professionally, creatively, and financially. “This industry, like many others, is rapidly changing and evolving. Many salon professionals are wondering what the future of this industry will be and which direction it will go - I believe it’s up to salon professionals to assume the power they hold to create the future through leadership, education, and innovation”. - Sam Bewley